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Home Health Care for Stroke Patients

Nearly 800,000 Americans suffer from stroke every year. However, with the aging level of the baby boomers, there may be a sharp increase in the next few years. Although we are all at risk of experiencing a stroke at old age, stroke is not...

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Can a Spouse be Paid As a Caregiver?

Normally, your spouse or partner would definitely step up to give you necessary care when you become ill, or homebound with a serious disability. However, the question being asked by a lot of people these days is that: can the caregiver spouse be...

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Are Home Care Services Tax Deductible?

  Taxation rules and regulation are naturally complex. Individuals are advised to make thorough consultations from the certified tax officer in the field of home care. Always seek clarification on the tax issues you might be having before...

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What is Palliative Care at Home?

Have you interacted/stayed with someone suffering from lung cancer, hypertension, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis or tuberculosis? Such severe illness is very distressing, and you may give up with your loved one on the way. Patients can fell ill...

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Is Home Care Cheaper Than Nursing Home

When you can take care of your close ones at home, there is no point in seeking shelter at nursing home. But, Is home care cheaper than a nursing home? I know a few people who were looking forward to taking care of their close ones at home. But...

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